Goals and objectives

Make Triathlon sport more popular in Lithuania.

Determine the best athletes.

The Organizers

Lithuanian Triathlon Federation.

Chief Organizer – Dainius Kopūstas, tel: 867859069, email. :

Race Referee  – Paulius Poviliūnas, tel.: 8 656 27486, email.:

Time and place of the race:

Triathlon race will take place in Panevezys, Elektros, J. Basanaviciaus, Vilniaus, Smetonos, Vasario 16-osios streets, on 15-16th July, 2017.


Registration link:

Early registration until July 7 d. 23:59 pm.

Registration on race day – race venue (Elektros street). Registration tent.

Race number and timing chip pick up race day – venue area (Elektros street). Registration tent.



July 15th 2017:

Open Lithuanian Triathlon Championship. Baltic Cup 2017.



Distance: 200 m (1 lap) swim 5.7 km (2 laps) bike- 1.2 km (1 lap) run.

DW, DM (2002-2003)

CW, CM (2004-2005)

BW, BM (2006-2007)

AW, AM (2008 and younger).

MW, MM (all willing to start amateurs)




Distance: 750m (3 laps) swim – 20 km (7 laps) bike – 4.8 km (4 laps) run.

IW, IM (2000- 2001)

JW, JM (1998- 1999)

V2W, V2M (1958- 1967)

V3W, V3M (1948- 1957)

V4W, V4M (1947 and older.)

21:30 Open Lithuanian Triathlon Championship and Baltic cup 2017 stage awards.


July 16th 2017 .:

Open Lithuanian Triathlon Championship. Baltic Cup 2017.



Distance : 1.5 km (3 laps) swim – 39 km (14 laps) bike – 9.6 km (8 laps) run.

EW, EM (1978- 1997) elite

V1W, V1M (1968- 1977)

18:00 Open Lithuanian Triathlon Championship and Baltic cup 2017 stage awards. Closing ceremony.

19:00 Disco


Competition rules:

  • Know, understand and follow the ITU Competition Rules;
  • Athletes must wear swim caps given by organizers;
  • The helmet must be securely fastened and fit properly at all times when the athlete is in possession of the bike;
  • Draft legal events:
  • It is forbidden to draft off a different gender athlete;
  • It is forbidden to draft off a motorbike or vehicle
  • Failing to follow the prescribed course/ not finishing described race course will result to Disqualification.
  • Out side assistant is not allowed;
  • Everybody willing can start in elite race, but they will lose the right to award of their age group.
  • Removing helmet before mounting bike, mounting bike before mount line, and not dismounting before dismount line will cost – 10 seconds penalty, standard distance 15 seconds.
  • Drafting infringements: Sounding a whistle, showing a blue card, calling in English the athlete’s number and saying “Drafting penalty, you have to stop at the next penalty box”. The Technical Official has to ensure the athlete received the penalty notification. Penalty 1 minute in sprint, 2 minute penalty in standard distance.
  • Lapped athletes can’t draft from the athletes who past them.

After finishing race it is mandatory to return timing chip devise.

Entry fee

  Until 2017 06 10 Until 2017 07 07 On the race day
Kids up to 1999 15 EUR 20 EUR 25 EUR
Adults 1998 and older 25 EUR 30 EUR 35 EUR

Athletes with valid LTF license get 20% discount. Athletes who not have valid LTF license can buy one day race license for 3 eur.


Entry fee paying details:

Lietuvos triatlono federacija

Žemaitės g. 6, Vilnius

A/s LT827300010134192454

SWIFT HABALT22, Swedbank, AB

In the  purpose of payment field must be wrote : Open Lithuanian triathlon championship, Baltic cup 2017 stage, name and surname, AG.


The winners and prizewinners will be awarded with diplomas, prizes and medals.


All costs associated with athletes competitions start must be financed by organization who sending athletes to the race.


 Bike and run courses conditions

Bicycle track width: 3 – 4 m., covering – asphalt.  In the track there are two slopes, 5 big turns.
Running track coating – sidewalk concrete tiles, asphalt and grass.